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THE SKINNY » Blog Archive » Animals I’ve Seen on My Patio

Animals I’ve Seen on My Patio

Wow! My first blog entry! What a responsibility. I’m just hoping I can deal with the pressure. It must be like winning an Academy Award, you’re on the stage and you have short amount of the world’s attention to express something. Do you simply thank all those who made this possible? Or do you push your political agenda? Or do you relate a humorous anecdote? My first instinct is usually the one I trust. So here goes. 

Animals I’ve Seen on My Patio

Bunnies, lizards, cat, dog, squirrel, raccoon, coachwhip snake, magpie, crow, raven, woodpecker, cedar waxwing, hummingbird, butterfly, moth, bee, robin, redwing blackbird, grosbeak, junco, house finch, bobcat.

I spend many hours doing beadwork in my living room. My beading chair faces four large windows that look out on my patio so I naturally see everything that occurs out there. This is my world. This is how I spend a large share of my existence on this planet. “Animals on My Patio” is what happens in my life. 

Seeing a bobcat saunter on to my patio, rest on its haunches and then move away was an amazing site. I was scared to open the door even though I wanted to. My most incredible sighting, however, occured on the day I’d finished a beaded portrait of Quanah Parker, famous Comanche warrior chief. In the background of the portrait was a large flock of redwing blackbirds in flight, a species common to marsh land and lake areas and indigenous to Quanah’s Oklahoma homeland. I live in a high desert. 

On this day I had wild bird seed sprinkled on my patio as is usual. Suddenly a whole flock of 50 or more redwing blackbirds descended on my patio and surrounding trees. They took turns eating my bird seed for about 10 - 15 minutes and then they all flew off as a flock. I have never seen a redwing blackbird here before or after that time. 

I’m told, and I believe, that seeing animals is often very meaningful and that sometimes it is a gift from the other world. As I finish this blog entry just now, “Scratchy,” the neighbor’s cat walks across my patio, stops, looks at me through the window for an instant and then moves on. Thanks for the shout out, Senor Scratchy.

2 Responses to “Animals I’ve Seen on My Patio”

  1. Misa Says:

    I am tekkie-challenged so my first attempt to post is in the wrong place, the second deleted itself, and I’m trying the third time. After this time, if it doesn’t work, I’ll quit. Here goes:

    I am so happy to read your blog! I’m happy to read about all the birds and the bobcat! Second best to being there or being here and hanging out, watching you bead, talking. Marcus, our backyard has a garden in it!! Will put up a deer fence. This year there are a doe and two frisky fawns growing quickly. They spend a good part of the day here when it’s not busy. I”m going to plant alfalfa or red clover for them. Inside the fence, we made beds out of a chicken wire frame and cardboard wrap around, filling it with the earth that evolved from our kitchen compost, straw and grass. Everything that grows here, stays here. We’ve planted one watermelon, one zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, all kinds of greens, Japanese eggplant and shiso (a kind of basil that JA’s love to put in and on everything. I’ve had to swear I’d lay off the green tomatoes so they can ripen until we have lots of tomatoes coming. It’s hard because I love them dusted with flour and pepper and fried, put on rice with shoyu - yummm! When you come, we can now have fresh veggies! I love you, Marcus! And I’ve bookmarked your webpage. Love, Misa

  2. root Says:

    as you watch them, they watch you…a gift for both!!

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