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A Matter of Opinion

I was quite excited about the concept of blogging but by my second blog entry I had hit “the wall.” I couldn’t think of anything else to write about. Every idea I had seemed to be based on an opinion. This conflicted with the zen concept I had recently read that advised “do not seek truth, but rather free yourself from opinions.” In a world where so much conflict and woe emanates from differences of opinions, I thought, “Why add to that mess?” Opinions seem so rooted in ego. They simply seem to fulfill one’s need for personal recognition, or the need to be correct, or even the need for conflict. 

I decided to consult the writings of historical thinkers to give me guidance and inspiration.

“Men are disturbed, not by the things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen.” - Epictetus

“A man’s life is what his thoughts make it.” - Marcus Aurelius

“What a thing is to an unknowable extent is determined by, or influenced by what we think it is.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce

“We clothe events with the drapery of our own thoughts.” - James Allen

“All that you are is a result of all that you have thought.” - Buddha

Now I was getting somewhere! This is the direction I wanted to go, no opinions, no judgements, I like this neighborhood. It reminded me of something Lao-Tzu (551 -479 B.C.) said that always stuck with me. “Success is as dangerous as failure.”

He must have more of that tasty cheese, let’s see: 

“If you close your mind in judgements

And traffic with desires,

Your heart will be troubled. 

If you keep you mind from judging

And aren’t led by the senses

Your heart will find peace.”

“The mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas. Tolerant like the sky, all-pervading like sunlight, firm like a mountain, supple like a tree in the wind. He has no destination in view and makes use of anything life happens to bring his way.”

Well it seems like I’ve outlined what I don’t want to write about, I’m still left with the dilemma of what I want to pollute the internet with. I’m sure I’ll think of something. I’m full of insane ramblings.

4 Responses to “A Matter of Opinion”

  1. rootm Says:

    and so i was discussing with a friend today!!or was i opining??which words seem to make us do…so please, more insane ramblings to nudge us towards sanity…or the fading reality of weighty opinions versus sensory thoughts from wordless sources, or those who, with their wisdom bring us closer to finding our truth…not theirs. yikes, you’re making me ramble insanely!!~m

  2. Susan Says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for sharing. I love your new site and your attempt to blog! Blogging is an interesting experience - I’ve been doing it for 3 years. The most important thing I have found is not to worry about posting, ideas come when they are ready. You might take a look at Robin Atkin’s blog (if you haven’t already) to see how she writes - definitely from the soul. I am looking forward to reading your future words!
    Your art is always a great source of inspiration to me-
    Sue (aka SuzyQ on Beadweaver)

  3. alex Says:

    “…Nations and Individuals, with that healthy natural vanity which is the secret of existance, are always trying to find in calm dignity of imaginative art some mirror of thier own turbid passions, always forgetting that the singer of life is not Apollo but Marsyas. Remote from reality, and with her eyes turned away from the shadows of the cave, Art reveals her own perfection, and the wondering crowd that watches the opening of the marvellous, many-petalled rose fancies that it is its own history being told to it, its own spirit that is finding expression in a new form. But it is not so. The highest art rejects the burden of the human spirit and gains more from a new medium or a fresh material than she does from an enthusiasm for art, or from any lofty passion, or from any great awakening of the human consciousness…No great artist ever sees things as the really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”
    Miss you Marcus! Your new work is amazing. Alex.

  4. Kaila Rose Says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Do you remember me? You came to my apt. in Portland, OR to see some of my paintings some years back. I think that you saw one of my paintings that Misa Jo (Sp?) bought. Anyways, I have always thought about what you are up to and as a young artist really appreciated your taking the time to come meet me. I have taken yours and other folks advice and am finally going to go to some art expos this next year. New York Art Expo and Santa Fe Indian Art Market. I won some money from the 2009 Native Arts Grant from potlach fund, so that is paying for my booth fee at new york. Do you live in Santa Fe? I don’t have your email, just found your blog on line. I like your Yoda belt… sweet! reminds me of my dad.. ha ha. Would love to hear from you.

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